Monday, September 1, 2008

Mom's Beach Retreat

We had a beach retreat just for the gals in our ward. It turned out to be a fabulous get-away! I feel like I went on vacation.

Here's why:

We went to my favorite beach -Three Arch Bay- it's private, clean, not crowded
The company was unbeatable - love you gals!
We went boogie boarding as long as we wanted to
We had yummy food - the best part for me was the gourmet s'mores
We made a fire and talked into the night
There were no kids to worry about!!!!!!

This is definitely going to become a tradition!


Leslie said...

See...this is why I want to live in CA! Very cool!

Tami said...

So jealous :).

rbberbandgirl said...

What an awesome thing! So happy for you.
I was just thinking last night how much I miss having you around. You're such a calming and wise presence (which you may be laughing at, but anyway...). Your views are very practical and I admire you a lot.
We miss the Morgans!

Anisa said...

That sounds so fun!

I'm ready for a girls' getaway.

goclaytons said...

can you move this to switzerland next year? ;0)

stephi k said...

What a cool activity. I've been reading a bunch of your blogs and relating to them so much! I left a few comments. Sorry when we were in SD CA we didn't make it North to see you. Hopefully in the next year.

The Titmi said...

Oh yeah- we have it good here

Amy & Mark said...

Sounds like so much fun!! Every girl needs a get-away once-in-awhile.