Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth

Disney just announced their 2009's a link to the story:

The bottom line is that you get in FREE on your birthday during 2009! Just a valid ID and proof of birthdate required.

If you already have a pass, you can either get a free ticket for next year, a bunch of Fastpasses, or a gift card worth the price of admission that you can use to buy merchandise!

The happiest place on earth just got happier!

And with free room and breakfast at the Hotel M., what are you waiting for?


Anisa said...

You are too sweet to offer your house all the time!!!

So, when is the best time to go? We're thinking of going next year some time.

Kirbell said...

The best months to go are January/February, May, September-November...minus any holidays.

Mike and Shelby said...

very they pay for airfare too? :)

Leslie said...

You just said the magic words...we'll be in contact about our reservation at Chez M shortly! :)

Lynnette said...

This is Ben writing. Disneyland is more like the "Crappiest" place on earth. We'll meet you at the beach instead! It's free on everyone's birthday too and there is never a line to wait in! Love you guys!

Kirbell said...

Well, I'm glad I got you to comment!
And I'll go to the beach with you any day!

Chunk N ME said...

We still need a Disneyland DATE with all of us! :) I'll talk to Chunk - - Brady & I are January birthdays. . . hhmmmmmmmm :) YOu are very gracious to always offer your house :) that's awesom!