Monday, September 8, 2008

The Morning Rush

6:05am - My alarm goes off. I pull my body out of bed and get ready to go swimming. My goggles are missing. My brain finally turns on enough to remember they are in my swimming bag.
6:20am - I get in the pool. It's a little chilly today. My friend Audra and I have a great discussion about Prop 8 (see left sidebar).
7:00am - I get out of the pool. My thoughts turn to the upcoming whirlwind. Last year did not always go well, but this year will be better even if I have two boys to get off to school. I might even squeeze in a shower before they leave!
7:00am - The boys' alarm has gone off - hopefully they are eating breakfast.
7:08am - I get home. The boys are not eating breakfast.
7:10am - I get the boys their breakfast, I start making lunches. At least Kate isn't awake yet.
7:12am - Kate wakes up - she asks to watch Curious George -she can't watch TV right now because it will incapacitate the boys. It will render them motionless and cause them to completely lose all control of their senses. Kate doesn't get it.
7:15am - I'm still trying to make lunches and urge the boys to eat faster. My brother, who is here visiting, wakes up and I get him some breakfast.
7:20am - The boys are done eating breakfast but the lunches are not done. I send the boys upstairs to get dressed. Their clothes are laid out so it should go fast.
7:25 am - I finish the lunches. I want to get out of my swim suit and take a shower. I go upstairs to find the boys playing with their Legos. I gently urge them to get ready faster. Maybe I had better not get in the shower.
7:30am - I see Ben off to work. I put the lunches in the back packs and clean up the mess I made, all the while shouting at the boys upstairs to continue getting dressed and brush their teeth. My brother wants to take a shower. I ask him to wait until the boys have brushed their teeth.
7:35am - Ian has taken his pajamas off, but is still not dressed. Jacob is going #2 on the toilet which could take a while. I warn that they only have ten minutes left.
7:40am - Ian is almost dressed. Jacob brushes his teeth and is just starting to get dressed. I give them a lecture about being on time and that I will just let them take their sweet time tomorrow and take them when they are ready and THEY can tell their teachers themselves why they are late.
7:42am - I yell at Ian to get his socks and shoes on. I yell at Jacob WHO IS STILL NOT DRESSED and tell him he has 3 MINUTES until Sister B---- is here and that he'd better get busy fast.
7:43am - I'm combing Ian's hair while he is brushing his teeth and hoping that Jacob is getting dressed. Kate is following me around crying for breakfast.
7:44am - Jacob IS dressed and I'm throwing on Ian's shoes, getting a comb to do Jacob's hair and trying to fend off Kate.
7:45am - Ian says a quick prayer while I am praying in my heart that I can be forgiven for yelling at my kids, that Sister B---- won't wonder why I'm wearing my swimsuit and cover-up, and that my brother is having a fun vacation and won't think I'm insane.
7:46am - I sigh in relief.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.


rbberbandgirl said...

Exhausting! But still you got that swim in and the boys are gone for awhile. I hope you got that shower eventually!

Mike and Shelby said...

Oh, the joys of motherhood!

Leslie said...

Why is that post making me laugh so hard? Hmm.......

Tami said...

No judging going on here, you can be sure of that! You pulled it off, and I am impressed. I feel like I'm harping on my kids each morning to hurry, hurry, hurry, practically holding hands as we go through the same routine every day. I'm waiting for their self-motivation to kick in and might be in for a looooooooooong wait. They just don't get it.

Janie said...

You are hilarious! I loved the play by play. I know it's all coming for me, but for now I can enjoy your incredible morning from afar as I'm laughing out loud at your crazy morning. :)

Anisa said...

That sounds like my morning and I only have to get them to preschool by 9:30 (and I haven't started an exercize routine yet)

Chunk N ME said...

wow, do you live at my house? or what??? LOL!!! seriously that is my morning routine without the swimming :). especially the playing with legos while you think they are getting dressed!! totally boys! This is why you are the perfect "BOY MOM" :) wtg!

Kirbell said...

Apparently I need these CD's my friend has:

http://www.children smiraclemusic. com/

I am torn - between my need to solve my morning routine woes and my abhorrence of Mormon marketing -what do I do?

Audra Bollard said...

The guilt pangs really hit me when I hear Ethan turn to Luke and say things like:
"Do you want me to be late again?"
"We're all just waiting for you now."
"Why are you walking so slow?"

Wonder where he hears such things? Certainly not from his calm and collected mother.

James Whitesides said...

You are hilarious! I usually don't post because as you can see I comment as jimmy and not me. But I have to thank you for making me laugh!

Love ya,

Amy & Mark said...

This sounds all too familiar (groan) except for the great wake up and exercise part (way to go, Kirst!). You are so clever and witty!