Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer Recap!

I have to crank out this post so I can be free and move on to understand, right?

Summer was a sleep-deprived blur...I guess that's what a new baby does to you! We did manage to do some fun things I had to report on the blog, though.
In July, we celebrated the 4th with a bike parade and breakfast at our church. The kids decorated their bikes and zoomed around the church parking lot. Here's our bishop announcing the beginning of the parade. "This is not a race, okay?" Riiiight....

A week later, we had a family reunion with Ben's family in the Redwoods in Northern California. The drive was long and the stay was way too short. I married into an incredibly fun and united family!

Redwood National Forest

Getting ready for the the famous races! Cousins in each age group race each other.

Ian won his division!

A day at the beach. It was definitely not sunny Southern California, but still a blast!

The "outlaw" in-law picture. We're sooo bad!

Our sweet baby Lucy was blessed on August 1st. Notice the new suit...Ben had to buy one to be in the bishopric!

My mom made Lucy's beautiful dress

We did not go to the beach enough! My favorite beach trips were the 3rd annual Three Arch Bay Mom's Beach Retreat...
We missed getting a picture with the later group

...and our first trip to San Clemente Beach on Labor Day. It was relaxing just hanging out with friends, and the waves in San Clemente were perfect for boogie boarding...even Kate gave it a try.

Hope you had a great summer yourself!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Here are my girls, each at about three months, in the same outfit! Can you tell them apart? DO you think they look alike, or different?