Wednesday, July 30, 2008

True Californians

Yesterday at 11:42 am we were hit by a 5.4 magnitude earthquake. It wasn't the first earthquake I have felt, but it was certainly the biggest and the longest.
Here's my story. I was just closing my garage door when the house began shaking. The car looked like it was rocking. Other earthquakes I've experienced were over in a matter of moments, so when this one kept going I started to get a little nervous. I got even more nervous when I swayed as the ground under me rocked back and forth.
"It's an earthquake," I said to my kids, "C'mon, let's get outside." I grabbed Kate and we hurried into the backyard. By then it was pretty much over. It lasted 30 seconds! Our reactions? Ian and Jake thought it was fun. Kate used her scary deep voice to say, "Quaaaaaykake!" all afternoon. Ben, who lived through the 1989 San Francisco earthquake congratulated the rest of us on becoming true Californians. I have two feelings on the subject:
1. I'm grateful that it wasn't any worse.
2. I need to be more prepared in case it ever is any worse.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blogging about not blogging

Why, oh WHY have I not posted anything for the last 5 weeks?? I love to blog! I also love realizing I am in a situation that I can blog about. I love reading other people's blogs and get annoyed when they haven't blogged for, say a month!

Well, I've been busy. BUT you should always make time for the things you really love to do, right? Right. Maybe I just needed a break from blogging.

So, in an effort to catch up, I'll share some summaries of posts that have been floating around in my head while I've been busy with life.

1. Girls Camp. I had such a blast. I know as a leader, it can be a dreaded occasion, but really, I had a great time. Oh, I did sleep far less than usual, but we were in cabins and ate in a cafeteria, so I can't complain. Not even about the three bear sightings.

2. Double Play Date. This was classic. It deserves more than a summary.

What others can learn about play-dating from two adorable girls, both of whom I would love to have as my daughters-in-law. Photos have been altered to protect the innocent.

Wear great clothes and accessories. Ask boys, "Do you like my bracelet?" Don't fret if they grunt.

If necessary, bring a weapon: "I brought my sword. Just in case."

Define the relationship. "Sister M_____, I have to tell you a secret. My sister is in love with Jacob and I'm in love with Ian."

Have fun! "Can we come to your house every day?"

When getting dropped off again at home, bust a move at the door. Hug them and say:
"You have to stay here!"

2. Trip to Utah. Trying to find the perfect balance of fun and sanity with 38 people in the same house: including a visit to the Copper Mine, Seven Peaks, BYU, Donut Falls, Thanksgiving Point...also, several late nights of Perler Beads and Mafia. Oh, and I forgot to take my camera. On our biggest vacation of the year.

3. Post Vacation Costco Trip. Big trip to Costco with all three of my kids. Jacob forgets his shoes. This is not the first time that has happened. Kate won't sit in the cart. She can get out of those cart seat belts in a flash. As the cart gets filled with groceries, Jake can no longer sit in it, so he's now walking around the store in his bare feet. Ian gets lost twice. Check-out actually goes smoothly - amazing! Finally, while I am buying hot dogs --since we have nothing to eat at home-- Kate begins shredding the receipt (you know, the Costco receipt without which you cannot leave the store!) into little pieces! I bring these little pieces of paper to the exit. I try to explain to the receipt-checker-lady, who looks at my shredded receipt and says, "Well, I only really need to know how many items you bought. Can we find that piece?" We find it and she puts a little check on the little shred of paper while eyeing Kate wiggling her way out of the seat belt. I'm hoping she doesn't figure out that the shoe-less five-year old also belongs to me. She hands me back the "receipt" and as I'm leaving says, "You know the next time this happens..." I am halfway to my car before she finishes. I never want to go to Costco again.

4. Favorite day at the beach so far this year. I think it had to do with the fact that I was at my favorite PRIVATE beach -Three Arch Bay, with some of my favorite friends, the Behunins. We caught some great waves on our Boogie boards, and we watched Ben rally a troop of kids to remove half a ton of seaweed out of the ocean so we could surf without getting all tangled up in the stuff.

5. Girls Camp Revisited. 14 + High adventure camp--Surfing for the first time! Finding a very long snake right in the middle of our camp site and trying to fall asleep to the sound of the I-5 and the Metrolink train within 200 yards. Good thing it was an overnighter!

6. First time to Old World in HB. It's like a little German neighborhood with a great German restaurant. The best bread ever! Isn't Ben cute in Lederhosen? (Maybe this will make him leave a comment.)