Saturday, May 24, 2008

Creativity Channeled

As a little girl, I loved to draw. (Yeah, that's me in that awesome yellow coat!) The only problem was that I drew on everything...walls, dressers, cabinets. My mama finally put her foot down and told me I was no longer allowed to use the walls and furniture as my canvas. She must have been very adamant because I sure listened. I drew inside the drawers instead.

Kate seems to take after me in this arena. She's creative. loves to draw, but keep the pens and pencils out of reach! Kate has made a pretty picture on many a wall and table. And floor.

However, her favorite place to "cawah" is on her arms and legs. Yeah! I think it's fabulous when she finds a Sharpie right before we are getting ready to leave for the day.

Kate's latest is "do homework" at Ian's desk.

It's about the cutest thing I ever did see, especially since she's drawing on PAPER!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

1 year of blogging!

I've been blogging for a year! My reasons for starting a blog were:

1. To keep (something like) a journal to make me feel like I'm fulfilling that "Family History responsibility"
2. To post some pictures and happenings for my mom
3. I could be cool like my other blogging friends

366 days later, here are some things I've discovered about blogging:

1. I've stayed in better touch with friends than ever before...especially those who also blog.
2. Many have been inspired to start their own blogs
3. I've been writing and taking more's a creative outlet! I'm all about creative outlets.
4. Lots of people "spy" on me...they read but don't leave comments or have their own blogs.
5. I like being funny! And my life is pretty funny!
6. I'll NEVER be as cool as Jessica Romney
7. Ben is 2 cool 2 blog
8. Who knew I'd really like getting a Bloggie Award?
9. I've learned a lot about computers and HTML and such
10. I can actually stick to doing something for a year!

Thanks to all you readers out there. Love you. My fans....keep the comments coming!

Wacky Week in Review

Monday: Rained all day. Decided not to go to Disneyland as planned. Just chilled inside.

Tuesday: Weather much improved. Went to Disneyland with Spencer (Ben's bro), Hillary and Miles who are staying with us for a long vacation.

Wednesday: It's getting warm.
Thursday: My birthday. The weather is warming up nicely. I got a new *pink* bike. Jake and I go for a ride around the neighborhood in our PJ's.
Later, we all go for a ride on the big, orange waste-of-tax-dollars balloon in the new Great Park of our city. I have to say, it was kind of fun.

Went to Claim Jumper for dinner. Their portions are huge. Their desserts are even more huge. Have you seen the desserts? My favorite is the I Declair: a giant sized eclair that looks like a small poodle. My cell phone stopped working so no one can call me (on my birthday!), but I get a new one I really like. The best part is the color: heather grape. Love it!
Friday: It's getting hot. My bro Ryan comes for a visit and we head for the beach to cool off a little. That night all the boys go to the Stake Fathers and Sons camp out. It's actually not much of a "camp out." The only thing between the tents and the freeway is an In-N-Out. Where, of, course, they eat dinner. Every year. They also make a fire in a portable fire pit and make s'mores. (Last year the fire was actually in a wheelbarrow which caught fire because the handles where made of wood!?)

I digress...Hill, Kate and I had a fabulous GNO: ate at Chipotle and Yogurtland, then watched two very girly, but only okay movies: Becoming Jane...which should be changed to Becoming Depressed, and 27 Dresses, which was actually pretty hilarious.

Saturday: It's stinkin' hot! Our day was packed with sports, volunteering, guests and 2 parties. I seriously thought I was going to melt...or explode. The best part of the day was getting into the cool pool at our hosts for the fab Brazilian party we went to! Thanks Matt and Tonya!

Sunday: I can't believe how hot it is in MAY. Things seemed to heat up AND get busier as the week progressed!

I'm ready for another rainy Monday with NADA to do.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What makes a mommy a mommy?

My darling child Jacob drew this cute picture at preschool of himself and mommy happily playing Wii together. Apparently he needed a way to show which is the mommy...

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Before and After...or Just After!

I like to paint furniture. It's been a while since I have braved a painting project with three kids, but here it is, my latest makeover.
I got a hutch on Craiglist for $12o from a real OC housewife in Coto de Caza. ( No, I don't watch that show!) It was built in the 1950's in Vermont. Nothing really special about it, but it had potential.

You'll just have to imagine the "before" picture. Old wood split in several places, flaking varnish, and a slightly musty smell that said, "You can just leave me in the garage." Which I did.

About two months, some serious gluing and sanding, two coats of primer, some more sanding, two coats of off-white paint, one coat of burnt umber glaze and a topcoat later, it looks like this:

It holds some dishes, my place mats, tablecloths and all our games. I'm really happy how it turned out!
(Thanks for your help Ben-honey and Benny-B.)