Thursday, September 4, 2008

Huzzah for School!

The boys started school today! I wasn't quite ready for the summer to be over - we really had a fun time this year doing whatever we wanted when we wanted. I will miss that. BUT it's also nice to have a schedule and actually be productive and learning. So huzzah for school!

Jacob, who I swear was just a baby, started Kindergarten today. He was all smiles. He couldn't wait to go and try this new adventure and just about burst when he put on his new Star Wars shirt he's been waiting to wear for a week. How did I do, you ask? Well, we had a little bit of a hectic morning (Kate was not feeling too well and had the biggest, wettest blow-out of her life!) The whole taking pictures and walking-to-school-to-avoid-the-parking-mess didn't really work out. Luckily, we at least made it in time. I kissed boy 2 goodbye and he walked right up those steps to his teacher who was waiting to greet him while I got a little teary-eyed. Then he turned around and waved and gave me one of those big smiles and I almost lost it.

Ian, the veteran, began 2nd grade. When I asked him if he was nervous or excited, he said, "Kind of in between." He stood in line and waited for his teacher and I couldn't resist giving him a big smooch on the cheek as he was about to leave. He gave me one of those looks that said, "Mo-om, not in front of the other kids I just met!" mixed with "Okay, you can kiss me...but this is the last year I'm letting you do this."

Jacob has morning Kindergarten and is only in school for 3 hours 20 minutes, which I like. I always enjoy the one on one time with my kids. So when Jacob got home, we opened his Schultüte (German tradition: all children receive a cone thingy filled with school supplies, treats and gifts in celebration of that first school day ever!) When asked for his opinion of the day: "School is way better than preschool." Hopefully he enjoys the next 180 days just as much!

Just for are the boys two years ago when Ian began Kindergarten.


rbberbandgirl said...

Such a cute idea! Oh that German ingenuity!
I love the picture of Ian on his first day of Kindergarten as that is more of the boy I remember.
I can't believe how grown up they've all gotten!

Mike and Shelby said...

I love how excited Jacob was! That is great.

I love hearing all the first day of school traditions that other families have. Lauren has one more year of preschool...she just barely missed the cut off here. Oh well, she has one more year of preschool and more time with me at home.

Hopefully, you'll get a few more years of first morning smooches with Jacob and Kate.

Leslie said...

Did you ever see my post on my "public" blog about SJ's first day? (if's the link:

I was a wreck!!! I am thinking it's only going to get worse! I love the German tradition for the first day of school. I think I'd better start some good 1st day traditions myself!

Oh and just in case you didn't know...your boys are way too cute!

Anisa said...

I can't wait for that day in some ways... and I'd be really sad in others. They grow up so fast!

Janie said...

What a great tradition! How fun for him to have such a cool thing to look forward to in addition to school. He looks so excited!

Amy & Mark said...

Jacob's such a cute boy! I almost got teary-eyed reading about his turning and smiling at you! I can't believe that he's in Kindergarten already!