Friday, August 22, 2008

Equation for Misery

1 almost-kindergartener
+ 1 kindergarten check-up
+ 1 active two-year-old
+ 1 doctor we didn't know because ours went out of town
+ 1 brand-new nurse
+ 1 new, very slow, not-so-easy-to-use computer system
+ 3 shots
+ 1 finger pricking blood test
+ 1 TB test -OOPS- given as a shot in the arm instead of under the skin
+ 1 extra shot because someone miscounted the number of shots because they administered the TB skin test AS A SHOT!
+ 1 mom who keeps saying this is the last prick and that it might not hurt so much this time...
= 3 hours in the doctor's office
= 6 pricks
= 1 sad mistrustful little boy
= 1 miserable mom

Sorry, Jake.


M+H said...

Oh my goodness this story is awful! Poor Jakie! That nurse apparently wasn't too on top of things. Wow, I would've been so upset!

goclaytons said...

that is so sad! my heart goes out to all of you.

Anisa said...

That sounds horrible. Don't you hate it when people who are supposed to be professionals can't do their job!

Tami said...

I'm feeling your pain--what a nightmare! Sounds like it was traumatic for everyone :(.

rubberbandgrl said...

Oh, that's awful. I have learned not to promise anything regarding shots.
Poor Jake!!

Leslie said...

Can't stand even thinking about this. What a nightmare!!! Sorry Kir!

Rachel said...

Hmm, malpractice? I know a great attorney....

Kirbell said...

Oooh, maybe this is my road to riches!