Friday, August 17, 2007

A Week of Late Nights

I have been so tired lately, too tired to even pull myself out of bed to go work out at the pool at 6:30am. Sorry Audra and Marea! I have had a week of late nights. Here are the reasons:

Thursday & Friday: Camping. Talking around the campfire and then sleeping in a tent. I'm not sure how well you sleep in a tent, but I don't. I could hear coyotes howling in the night and something medium large rustling in the bushes nearby.

Saturday: Writing a talk for church. Procrastination is one of my many weaknesses but this time I was helped along by a late call from our bishop's counselor (Tuesday), going to Legoland Wednesday, and camping Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Sunday: Mindy. Definitely on my short list of best friends in the world. We had a sleepover and of course, we couldn't just go to bed...too boring. We had a blast which made it that much more sad when she left again. Kate woke up a couple of times that night because of the 4 new teeth she's cutting, but she was easily consoled with her pacifier and some Motrin.

Monday: Kate. Her teething/congestion/ear infection combo returns and she feels significantly worse. She has a burning fever and is pretty much delirious with pain and can't sleep. Yours truly is up the better part of the night with her. I finally drag her to the doctor and get some antibiotics.

Tuesday: Blogging. I have to get caught up on my blog! See Legoland entry.

Wednesday: Twilight. I decide I finally need to start reading New Moon, so I can start Eclipse, (books 2 and 3 in the Twilight series, a vampire romance, written by Ben's cousin, Stephenie Meyer --check out her website) but then I couldn't put it down! I can't explain the draw since I have a significant fear of vampires, which is why there was no way I could take the book to a lonely cabin in the mountains or a somewhat remote campsite to read. Yes, I know vampires are not real; it's completely irrational. Blame my Dad for thinking Nosferatu was a funny movie and appropriate for a six-year-old.

Thursday: So You Think You Can Dance. I had to get caught up on six hours of the best summer show (as you can see I've been busy.) Thank goodness for TiVo! The finale was this week and my favorite dancer won!!! I love this show because I am amazed by people who can just pick up a dance in a matter of hours and perform in front of the nation. I can't even do aerobics or give a talk without my heart wanting to jump out of my chest.

So tonight I promise to go to bed early. AND I'll be sleeping on a new King size bed. We're buying a new bed so we have a bed for our guest room. Wait, guests are coming to stay for the weekend...Spencer, Hillary, Miles and Justin are coming TONIGHT. So much for sleep.


The Ryan and Jessica Romney family said...

All of that stuff is much more important than exercising. Plus, SO you think you can Dance is vicarious exercising...and that talk must have gotten your heart rate up! I want to come visit you! Maybe next summer!

rubberbandgirl said...

Ah, you can sleep next year, Kir

LAHansen said...'re awesome. I love reading your blog. Hope you'll enjoy the king size...we just got one and we are loving it!

Shelby said...

Sounds like a typical mommy-week to me! :) How do we do it all on such little sleep-and still look pretty at the end of the week for 9am church?!?!

The Twilight series hasn't helped me either. I read the entire Eclipse book in two days! I stayed up till 3:30am to finish it.(What kids?)

The Titmi said...

You didn't tell me you finished it! What did you think?