Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The boys worked hard all summer to earn enough LEGO stickers on their Legoland castle chart! Using kind words, going to the potty (Jake), helping out with chores or playing with baby sister earned them a couple of Lego stickers. (Basically, they did anything remotely good and we exclaimed, you get a sticker, and maybe, later that night, it made it on the chart -another case of lazy parenting!) Of course, this was a ruse, because we were secretly planning to go with our friends the Carlsons on August 8th all along. So, when we returned from our long vacation to Utah and Northern CA, we had about 4 days to fill in 300+ legos. Boy, they were REALLY good for those couple of days. And, we had a blast at Legoland. Great job, boys!

Ian taking the wheel on a boat ride with Whitney

Little hams: Kater-Kates and Livy-Lou

Jake and Albert E.

Triumphant return from the the Dino-coaster. We had to talk Ian into this one.

Matt and Mindy TOTALLY cheating in the Fire Truck Races

The fabulous four- Ian, Jake, Olivia and Whitney

The daddies on the Knight's Tournament -scary!


The Ryan and Jessica Romney family said...

I LOVE that tactic...I use it all the time (where I'm planning something already and then act like it's up to their behavior if we do it). It only backfires when they act bad and I start getting REALLY mad at them, because I want to do the thing I'd been planning.

rubberbandgirl said...

These photos are so cute and it's fun to see yours and Mindy's kids looking so BIG! I hardly recognize Whitney! Did you enjoy Legoland? I really want to take Dane since he's so obsessed with them.
Anyway, thanks for sharing this trip on here.

Audra Bollard said...

I love the poster tactic--hilarious. I may steal this idea in another year or two!

Shelby said...

what a great idea!