Monday, February 25, 2008

Funny Kid Quotes

Ian has great hair. He has a lot of it. It looks kind of like Louis's from Meet the Robinsons. The natural thing to do with his hair would be to spike it, but NO! He hates gel.
We have a deal that I do his hair HIS way during the week and MY way on Sundays. That means gel. Last Sunday, we were running short on time and Ian said: "No time for hair creations!"

We went to St. George not too long ago for a baby blessing. We stayed one night in a cheap motel room we reserved over the internet. We checked in and took a look at our rooms before unloading the van. They were okay, at least for one night. Jacob came to help take some things to our room. He started loading up the snacks, food and drinks.
"What are you doing, Jakie?" I asked.
"I have to get some food."
"We need food when we are staying in the jail."

On our way home from St. George we stopped in Vegas for gas and In-N-Out. Jacob got out of the car and took a look at the casinos on the strip. He yelled out:
"What's this cwazy town!?"

Jacob makes the same sound for his L's, R's and W's. He's also learned about words that rhyme. One day he came running up to me and exclaimed, "MOM, WIZard wimes with WIZard!"

We went to our favorite wholesale store on Saturday night and Kate surprised us by pointing and saying, "Cah-co!"


Me & My BOYS said...

Kids are so cute and do say the funniest things. It's great that we have a blog to document them so we don't forget 10 years from now.

LAHansen said...

Your kids are killin' me Kir...when are we going to get together so I can enjoy them in person?!?

Matt said...

You spend way too much time at Costco that's all I have to say. (-;

rubberbandgirl said...

Those are some funny ones. Glad Kate could join in, tho' I thought 'KEA might be her first word.

Mindelicious said...

Wow, I totally laughed out loud, Kir!

My favorite is the jail comment!

The Titmi said...

I knew it got pretty bad for us when the question to Simeon(3, 2 at the time) was "Do you want to go to Target, Costco, or the park?"

Amy said...

So Cute! I love kid quotes.

grandmakathy said...

Kir, sounds like Kate takes after me. Costco IS my favorite store!