Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sick and Bored

Jake, Kate and I are sick this weekend. Here's my self-diagnosis, courtesy of the internet.

Cryptosporidiosis which we think might be related to an outbreak from pools in Utah:

It's pretty much a severe case of the runs. The kids won't eat and I feel awful and haven't had anything but Gatorade and crackers since Friday night. But on the bright side, I get to lounge around all weekend marching my way through Gilmore Girls season 4, finishing The Scarlet Pimpernel and finding other ways to keep me occupied as I stay within 10 yards of the toilet at all times.

Today is Sunday and I watched a DVD of the celebration for the 2004 rededication of the Sao Paulo Temple in Brazil. I served my mission there, oh, a decade ago, and LOVE the people there. I just about bawled my eyes out when all the missionaries marched into the stadium, Olympic style, waving the Brazilian flag.

Then I decided to do Kate's hair. I'm used to the "squirt and go" kind of hair, with two boys, so
this is foreign to me. I copied my friend Jenny, who always does her daughter Katie's hair so darling. So here it is...Kate's first official hairdo!

I know, she has pitiful amounts of hair but hey, I've been excited about this since the ultrasound in January 2006. The downside...I'm going to have to get up at 6:00am to pull this off for church.

Check out that profile!

Jake just informed me that he "didn't want this kind of baby."
"Who, Kate?"
"Why not?"
"Because she steals my things and cries all the time!"

She is being a pill, although she sat still for the hairdo(?) C'mon, she is starving. Not to mention Jacob is pretty ornery himself. Hope we all get better soon!


Audra Bollard said...

So your weren't kidding when you said you didn't feel good Friday morning! That sounds just awful. On the updside--Gilmore Girls season four is classic and Kate's hair looks adorable. I'm going to have to take lessons from Jenny if I ever get a girl. I'm trying to finish Scarlett Pimpernel today too--it's a good read. Hope you feel better soon!

jenerekfamily said...

Yeah, Kate's hair looks TOTALLY darling. And I don't think I've seen an ultrasound that looks so much like the child does.

Shelby said...

yeah, at work, I answer phones for a lot of doctor's offices, and you wouldn't believe how many people have that Cryptosporidium!!!! From what I can tell, it is awful and making it's run around many pun intended! Hope you and Kate feel better soon.

Jessica said...

Nice use of pictures...all were very engaging and illustrative. Sorry you're sick!

rubberbandgirl said...

Kate is such a cutie!
Please get well soon. My dad had what you've got. Yuck!