Monday, September 17, 2007

Jacob Starts Preschool

Jacob started preschool today. Here are a few facts about Jacob I filled out on his preschool application this morning.

Favorite food: watermelon
Favorite toy: light saber
Favorite movie: Star Wars
Favorite book: Jake the Philharmonic Dog

A Jacob Quote:

Last year Jacob developed an avid interest in dad and work. What was he doing? Why did he stay all day? Why did he have to go every day? Why couldn't he take us to Disneyland every day? After many explanations, he finally settled on a good answer.
Dad is at work to get money for us. Apparently it is in a drawer and it takes dad all day to get it out of the drawer and get it home. With this money he buys us all the things we need, like a house.

Today, dad stayed home sick from work. This morning, while dad was still in bed, Jacob yelled from downstairs:

"Daa-aaad. You better go to woooo-oork! Or else we have to sleep in the streeee-eet. We need money for our house todaaaaay!"


naturegirl said...

LOL! That is so funny. I love the way you write things and what a cute thing for Jacob to say :-)

Jessica said...

You have funny kids. Maybe they could do stand-up while dad is sick?

LAHansen said...

Yahoo for preschool. Jacob is so cute. Hope Ben feels better soon. Hope the rest of you are back to normal!

rubberbandgirl said...

He's so cute! Yay! You get some quiet time with Kate!

Audra Bollard said...

These are much happier pics of Jake since your last post. Hooray for preschool! I loved the drawer story--an insight into the somewhat muddled reality of a child's mind. After being told a million times that both Dad & Grandpa go to work all day, Ethan finally asked me what I do. I exclaimed, "I WORK! just at home with you sweetheart."

Amy said...

This made me laugh so hard!! What a character! Hope he's enjoying preschool!