Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No, I am not 16.

Yes, this picture was taken at 2:30am after seeing New Moon.
Yes, I went with these three Laurels AND about 30 of my friends.
Yes, we made T-shirts in line while we waited for two hours to get a good seat.
Yes, I am pregnant and need sleep.
Yes, it took me two days to recover.
No, This is not my favorite movie/book.
No, I do not endorse the Twilight books to the YW.
Yes, I am the best YW president ever.
Yes, the movie was cheesy and therefore hilarious.
Yes, Stephenie Meyer is Ben's first cousin.
Yes, she was on Oprah and is a gazillionaire.
No, she has not given us any money.
No, she won't speak at your fireside.

Will I go see the midnight showing of Eclipse?

Still undecided.


The Titmi said...

You know you will because it is more about tradition and girlfriend love than anything else

Adam's Family said...

Team Jacob or Edward Kir? LOL! Sounds like it was a fun girls night out!

rubberbandgirl said...

Great summary!

Chunk N ME said...

KIRSTEN I LOVE YOU!!! Of COURSE you're the best YW's President. . . in California :) ok of 2009!... :) oh,wait, i'm not pres anymore. So you win!!! you were BORN to be YW's President... I Loved your blog! You are so great with your girls! :) And I'm undecided about Eclipse as well. . . I got stuck on the front row for new moon. . not so great. Can't wait to see what you decide! LOVE YA!!!

Jessica said...

I totally forgot about that Stephanie Meyer connection. Hilarious recap! (You ARE the greatest YW leader ever.)

Rachel said...

Yes, Jacob is way more awesome than Edward.