Sunday, February 1, 2009

Queen Mary

We went to see the Queen Mary, an ocean liner that sailed the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967 and is now a hotel located in Long Beach, CA.

It was *FREE!* during January for California residents and I'm glad it was, because it would not have been worth the usual $24 entrance fee! Yes, I am cheap.

10 Things I learned from our tour of the Queen Mary:

1. People used to be much shorter. Or they were just okay sleeping in tiny beds.

2. The captain's quarters were as big as my old condo.

3. I'm creeped out by giant underwater propellers. I think I would rather die than be a deep sea diver.


4. Those big orange smoke stacks aren't really smoke stacks. They just cover up a bunch of little pipes and exhausts.

5. Jacob is the only one in the family who actually wants his picture taken.

6. Those boat horns up there, on the fake smokestack, are EXTREMELY loud. Warning: Do not stand under them when they go off. Exact time of horn blow: unknown.

7. Loud noises bother Ian. A LOT.

8. Most young in the animal kingdom have an innate sense to stay close to their mothers. They sense the danger as they wander too far. Kate...not so much! She's the adventurous, independent type.

9. Ben loves a good exhibit, in particular those that feature the historical or mechanical. He was very patient with the rest of the family who just wanted to speed through the self-guided tour. "Daaaaad....c'mon!"

10. Do not allow your children under the age of, say, mmm, 16, use your camera. They may drop it. Again. And then the lens won't work. You may need to get a new camera.


rubberbandgirl said...

New cameras seem to be a tradition among my friends. :)
Cool ship. I love the pictures!

Mike and Shelby said...

queen mary is pretty cool, isn't it? (Didn't realize how many fascinating things you can learn there!) ;) I love the picture of the kids in the phone booth.

Missletoe said...

Where are your coats?! Don't you know it is winter? We need to move to So. Ca, seriously!

Super cute kiddos!