Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh, so naughty and oh, so cute.

Kate is...

Oh, so naughty when she colors on the floor and walls with crayons.
But oh, so cute when she is coloring in her new princess coloring book daddy got her FROM Disneyworld.

Oh, so naughty when she draws on Ian's homework with a marker.
But, oh, so cute when she exclaims, "I do homewahk!"

Oh, so naughty when she runs away at top speed down they hall at church.
But oh, so cute when she you finally catch up with her and she gives you a big squeeze and a pat- pat on the back.

Oh, so naughty, when she rips six keys off daddy's laptop while he's out.
Oh, so cute while she is watching me fix them and saying, "Thassa P, Mommy!"

I'd give you away, Kate, if you just weren't s'darn cute!


Anisa said...

That is such a cute post. I think we all feel the same way about our kids.

rubberbandgirl said...

That's funny.
I like "Thassa P" best.
Are you going to DisneyWorld? Need any suggestions on places to go/see in Florida?

Leslie said...

Disney World? Do tell!!!

If I just say...I can totally you know that I so feel what you are saying?!!!

Kirbell said...

Mmmm, I was wondering why you guys got so excited about Ben going to Disneyworld. Then I realized the typo I had made...the coloring book is from Disney World, not for Disney World. Maybe one of these days we'll go, especially if Ben wins the contract he is working on with Disney for the new CARS ride in California Adventure.

Jessica said...

What a cute cute post. I love when I figure out interesting ways to post about how darling my children are!

Lance and Kristi said...

I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read "Thassa P, Mommy!" Kate sure is a cutie. I can't wait until Elisabeth starts talking!