Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Because I also love Stephanie...

I'm doing this tag, too.

Copy and paste and pass it along!

1. Eating food someone else made
2. Reading
3. Travel

1. That my kids could possibly not embrace the gospel.
2. Vampires.
3. Being YW president. Oh, wait a sec...

1. To not hurt any of my friends' feelings by not doing their tags. :-)
2. Get organized, keep my house clean!
3. Learn to be a fantastic photographer

1. I used to collect ceramic cats. My mom still has my little collection in her curio cabinet.
2. Being on time. I hate not being on time.
3. Not wasting anything.

1. I could eat an entire giant Costco jar of jelly bellies. I actually haven't tried, but I think I could.
2. I regularly have that dream where you show up to math class and you have a final and you haven't even been to the class all semester and everything hangs on how you perform on this one test.
3. I love my friend Steph, who I have known since my Freshman year at the BY. We have had some good times as friends and roomies. And I love her blog. Don't you love this picture of her?


Mike and Shelby said...

you know, everytime I get tagged to do one of these posts, I start it but then I think it'll be too boring for anyone else to read, so I quit.

BUT...they are always some of my favorite posts to read on someone elses blog. I love finding out little tidbits of info on friends and family and yours didn't disappoint. Could you REALLY eat a whole jar of jellie bellies!?! Wow. :)

Leslie said...

Yes...I do love that picture of Steph. Loved that freshman year at BYU. Good times! Love ya Kir!!!

stephi k said...

Thanks for humoring me!!!! You're cool. Fear: Vampires? Is that as in "Twilight"? Friend of mine who are leaders in YW have expressed a similar sentiment. Not to say, I don't love it--I know you're kind of related.
Oh, and I was NOT offended that you hadn't done my tag yet.