Monday, June 9, 2008

I like this tag...

I'm not the biggest fan of tags...wait I have to qualify...I'm not a fan of too many tags. However, I really liked this one on my friend Anisa's blog. It's creative and fun, so I'm doing it.

Reality Tag

Rules: You have to take a picture of the following in your house, AS IS, right now. Then post them!

1. Fridge. You can't see...but it's not really that CLEAN.
My favorite thing in it: Naked Juice. Mmmm.

2. Closet. Our master bedroom closets in this house are huge! Love it. Except the mirrors.

3. Sink. Yeah, dirty dishes...BUT we just had friends over for a big breakfast...two of my friends from high school and their spouses. Between us we have 7 kids, almost 8 degrees, 6 blogs, two minivans, and 147 wrinkles.

4. Toilet. As it turns out, I just cleaned this toilet. It gets sprayed with pee every day by Jacob, who usually runs in there at full speed, barely gets his pants down in time to relieve himself. No time to aim! Love Clorox wipes.

5. Favorite shoes...any kind of flip-flops. We wear them year-round.

6. Favorite room. Today: the kitchen. I love the counter-tops, the room I have to cook, bake, create, and the view of the yard. (Remember we just had that big breakfast?)

7. What my kids are doing...

Kate: trying to take a nap.

Boys: playing Wii.

Ben: fast asleep.

8. The laundry room. Too small. And it doubles as the entry way. It's always a mess in there.

9. Self-portrait. I don't like pictures of myself. But I had some fun with these.

10. Dream vacation. A trip around the world with my husband. I especially want to see China

and New Zealand.

TAG, you're it! (Only if you want to, of course)


Matt said...

I want to see China too! We should plan on doing this together. It would be a Carlson/Morgan adventure!

rubberbandgirl said...

I like your countertops too. Ours are granite, but darker (like black/brown/copperflecks). What do you clean it with?
Love that photo of Kate napping.

Tami said...

I would never be brave enough to do this tag! Good for you though! Very fun.

Anisa said...

This was a fun tag. I love the huge window in your kitchen overlooking the back yard... that's nice!

Missletoe said...

I'm afraid if I responded at the moment not only would DSS come haul the kids away, but the board of health would come shut us down. The stomach flu has taken its toll around here.

The good news is, that I was searching for something yummy to eat in your fridge and on your countertops. I think the we are going to make it!

Lynnette said...

I loved this tag! I haven't decided if I am brave enough to do it myself yet.

Jessica said...

That was a fun little view into your life! Maybe someday we'll see it in person?

stephi k said...

Awesome job on the tag. I saw it on Jessica's but was not brave enough to do it. Who is your other High School friend? I'm bad with names.

Melissa Markham said...

I'm not brave enough to post random shots of my house... at least until I get back to PA. I'm jealous of your breakfast with Drew, Janie, Leslie, Dallin and crew. We could have upped the numbers on the degrees and wrinkles, plus added one dog. Woohoo!

Jonas said...

Amen to Melissa Markham's jealousy comment. These unadvertised CA Rams rendez-vous are too much to bear. We're ragin' green with envy out here on the East Coast.

But you can make it up to us next year by sending one of those ├╝ber-fancy Mario Party birthday invitations.