Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Day in Seattle!

I had the pleasure of visiting the Northwest this weekend. I took Kate along and Ben stayed home with the boys.

I flew to Seattle with my newly acquired flying benefits, courtesy of my brother, Ryan who works for Skywest. This means I can fly anywhere Delta flies for pretty cheap.

We flew into Seattle, and had two days of gorgeous weather. It was very ironic since it was raining in Orange County when I left.

We went to Pike Place Market and then to Kerry Park for a great view of the skyline.


Me & My BOYS said...

So why did you go to Seattle? and only for one day?

Matt said...

Great photos! I felt like I was looking through a National Geographic magazine. You truly captured the moment.

PS - Kate is dang cute!

Jessica said...

Seattle when it's sunny is about the prettiest place on earth. And also only 4 hours away from me. Skywest flies to Spokane, too. Just don't visit right now. It's suckily freezing and boring.

Kirsten said...

I was in the Northwest for a weekend. I stayed in Issaquah (near Seattle) with my sister and brother-in-law. Then we all drove down to Vancouver, WA to see another brother and sister-in-law. Not too eventful!

Missletoe said...

Delta also flies to Boston... I'm just sayin'

If you ever want to relive the glory days of your mission, you are welcome to stay with us!

Wait...you sister lives in Issaquah? So does my sister!!! It is gorgeous there. I could totally live there.
Would your sister make a good VTer?