Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fire Update

The air quality has been terrible all week. Our throats and eyes are itching, I feel sick to my stomach often and my lungs feel weird. We are supposed to stay inside and refrain from outdoor exercise. I was seriously delusional on Monday morning, probably because it was 6:15am when I got up to go swimming. I kind of noticed the bad air on my way to the pool across the street, but I was determined to swim since I had already gotten up. However, the pool was filled with nasty black ash and debris! No way I was getting in there. In fact, everything outside is covered in debris and ash from the fires.

This is my back patio.

The sky seriously looks apocalyptic. An eerie feeling comes over you when you look at the dark skies and red sun.
We just found out that Ian's school is canceled tomorrow. They closed all schools in the Irvine School District. All soccer practices and games have been canceled and our Stake Trunk or Treat might be, too! The Irvine/Santiago Fire, which is closest to us, is 30% contained, which is worse than the 50% containment earlier in the week! It is mostly in the mountains.
The good news is that the wind seems to be shifting and we are supposed to be getting some clearer air from the direction of the ocean.

This picture was taken on Wednesday Morning.

Thank you for the many phone calls and expressions of concern for our safety. We are fine and feel very loved!


Jessica said...

Oooh, nice description with apocalyptic! (Keep being okay, okay?)

Amy said...

We'd like to cordially invite you to escape the toxic air of California for the fresher air of Virginia! We would love to have you come visit!