Friday, June 11, 2010

One Month

Baby Lucy is one month old! We are truly enjoying every minute with her. You can't help it...she's adorable, smells delicious and has a captivating smile. She is also a ravenous eater and therefore growing up way too fast. She weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz. at two weeks and 10 lbs. 7 oz. at 1 month. Bring on the cheeks and fat rolls!
What do the sibs think of her? The boys like Lucy, but only pay attention to her about 15 seconds a day. Theyhad two days off school this week and experienced a lot of *crying baby.* Their thoughts:
Ian: "Can we take her back to the hospital now?"
Jacob: "Can she go back in your tummy now?"
Sorry brothers, she's here to stay!

I was a little worried about Kate's reaction to a new sibling since she demands so much of my attention, but she could not love her little sister more! Kate always lets me know if Lucy is crying, wants to hold her, helps with diaper changes and is excited about every little thing she does.
"Look baby sister is moving her head!"
"Look, baby sister has eyelashes!"
"Look, baby sister smiled at me!"

We sure love our little Lucy!

one week

two weeks

three weeks

4 weeks

one month


Missletoe said...

I wish I could kiss all that yumminess! I love the proud big sis too!

Amy & Mark said...

What a scrumptious baby girl!! I love the two of the sisters together -- adorable!!

Tami said...

Oh, she is adorable! So, so precious. Wish I could hold her!

mindy said...

After Leif was born, I started thinking there was a bit more to that whole "women are natural nurturers" --Zion always wanted to help care for the baby whereas Clive loved him, but didn't want to get that involved.

So glad you are all doing well!

Cami said...

She is so precious, Kir. I'm so glad Kate has a sweet little sister to love.

Lance and Kristi said...

Love the picture of her and her big sister. She DEFINITELY looks like Kate to me! Thanks for sharing.

Mike and Shelby said...

Oh my! Oh my! She is beautiful! Isn't it CRAZY how quickly they grow though!?! I had a friend tell me that my Andrew doesn't look like a newborn cruel could she be? ;)

Keep enjoying her!

Anisa said...

How fun to have a sweet little baby girl! She is adorable!

Adam's Family said...

Oh, she is adorable! I can't wait to hold her!

Janie said...

I LOVE that picture of her smiling so big! So cute!

Jessica said...

ooh. I love her little stuck out chin in the week 4 pictures. Newborn are so yummy!