Monday, February 15, 2010

Why I Love You

In honor of Valentine's Day, and because I am loving just hanging out with my kids, and because the craziness of a new baby is fast-approaching, I thought I'd share what I love about each of my kiddos right now.

Ian: thoughtful, obedient, honest, swimmer, ocean-lover

Jacob: funny, cuddly, silly, friendly, helpful, book-worm

Kate: girly, playful, creative, social, happy, fun, animal-lover

Oh, and I love that Ben, too. Something awful. Thanks for the flowers.

Happy Valentine's Day!


mindy said...

Wow, Ian looks just like Ben, Jacob looks just like you (except a boy version), and Kate doesn't look much like either of you, though it might be that she is just a very good mix.

Great kids! Fun post.

Kirbell said...

Very observant! That's what we think about their looks, too. Wonder how number 4 will look...

Mike and Shelby said...

A mother's is wonderful!

And congrats on the upcoming girl. That's the way we'd prefer it if/when we have our fourth...two of each. But, I'm just gonna focus on getting the third out of the newborn stage before we start thinking of that fourth! ;)

Missletoe said...

I've got 6 more weeks too. I am due May 11th. I have suspected fro awhile we are in sync. Is that your due date?