Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Anybody want a Peanut?

I just got back from a visit to Denver. I took The Princess Bride with me, which is what I am currently reading for my Book Club.

I find it full of romance, high adventure and humor. Especially Fezzik's rhymes. Limes.
So back to my trip. Dip. Mindy and Matt, my dear friends from our stint in SoJo, UT, just had a baby, little Tessa. It's girl number 3 for them. Tessa is a cutie pie, as are her sisters. I love these girlies. Whirlies.

Who can resist this little imp? Chimp.

In the short time I had there we managed to squeeze in some fun stuff. Enough. First we went to Helga's, an authentic German restaurant, where we ate Schnitzel and drank Spezi (Coke mixed with orange Fanta) and enjoyed a festive band night along with a slew of old German folks. I got this free *beer* glass. Pass.

I slept in the cute blue and white guest room in a comfy bed...it must have been because I slept until 9 am!!! Okay, it was still 8am PST but it sure beats 6:15 at home! Shalom.
We went to some garage sales and Mile High Thrift. Snow Drift. Really it snowed. Blowed. Didn't find anything *fabulous*...but did score some cute shoes for Kate, ribbon, a Bundt pan and a Baby Ben Clock that turned out to be a little fast. Blast.
It was a great time, except the part when I threw up on the plane. Pain. No, I'm not pregnant, I just get really motion sick when I fly. Why?
The best part was coming home to 90 degrees. Geez! I kid you not. Hot.
Now back to reality. Normality.


Leslie said...

Cute, cute pics...loved your rhymes...good times!

Matt said...

Those kids are dang cute! I'm not biased or anything.

As for the glass, that's like the holy grail from Helga's. I know you secretly didn't want to take it, but go buy Ben a really great rootbeer, chill it for a couple of hours and put it in that glass. I guarantee it will taste better. I want pictures.

rubberbandgirl said...

Well, you got the most from this post.
Very funny/punny.
I'm sorry I couldn't resist.

mindy said...

love the rhymes! you must have written this post refreshed and well-rested! sounds like a fun trip!

Janie and Andrew said...

What a great trip! Sleeping in until 9 am? WOW! I loved your rhymes too. :) :)

Mary Kim said...

I have heard Princess Bride was a good book but you made it life altering without faltering!

Cute. Looks like fun, especially that great beverage glass. Filler up life 's goin'a be good....understood!?!

Lynnette said...

Kir, good for you for getting away! Glad you had fun. Thanks again for letting us stay at your house. It was great to breathe the same air and catch up!!

Tami said...

I'm loving the book and can't wait to finish it! Glad you got a little getaway!

Amy & Mark said...

You're so clever, Kirst! I'm glad you had a fun trip!

The Albert Family said...

Hey Kirsten-
I finally hopped on to your blog. frog.
Love it!
You're a great writer, and so clever!
I need to start blogging-

Anisa said...

Cute post! I'm glad you had fun. Sounds like a fun place to visit!!! It's awesome that you've kept in touch with Mindy. I can't believe she has another girl... ask her if she wants to trade???

Kirbell said...

I just have to add that we had a really fun book club meeting. My friend Kyla made amazing treats that tied in cleverly with the book: Miracle Max Resurrection Pills and Iocane Powder Punch were my favorites! Thanks Kyla!