Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring in SoCal

Spring has always been my favorite season. My birthday is in the spring, I love that sudden burst of warm sunshine and flowers, the fragrant air and spring rains, especially after a long winter. Spring in sunny Southern California isn't quite the same; we don't really get distinct seasons. Here, I have to look for signs of spring, or even buy them.

  • It's warm enough to go to the beach (although the water is still pretty cold)
  • We trade our sweatshirts and shoes for shorts and flip-flops
  • Daffodils at the store for a dollar a bunch
  • Strawberries go on sale
  • All things Easter: hunts, dresses, candy, baskets, Cadbury Mini Eggs
  • We start getting visitors again -14 so far!
  • Spring baseball
  • fragrant Star Jasmin and flowering hedges
  • we break out the sunscreen
  • I get the urge to go on a road trip -next week!
Hope you're enjoying your spring wherever you are!


LAHansen said...

Ah...they joys of spring in a warm lovely!

Matt said...

Spring baseball!!!!!!! I have waited for so long to watch my beloved Yankees. I can forget about the nightmare that was last year and look to the future. MLB '08 is going to be great! Now, if I can just convince my wife.

rubberbandgirl said...

Spring is trying to come, but we've had snow twice in the last week. I love star jasmine. Enjoy the scent for me!

Anisa said...

I am not going to read your blog any more until we get spring here. It is sooo cold!!!

stephi k said...

I guess I'll see what you mean when I escape the roller-coaster weather here and fly out there in a couple days!

Missletoe said...

Wow, I can't wait for Spring to come to New England. Just 2 months to go! (I wish I were kidding)

mindy said...

great pictures! I especially love the peep, except it makes me wish I'd stocked up. ::drool:: Spring keeps popping in, then leaving again here.