Thursday, December 13, 2007

What I love/hate about this Christmas Season

What I love about Christmas this year:

Not shoveling snow.
Going to Utah to see snow.
Caroling without freezing.
Christmas shopping online.
My kids wanting to be good so Santa will bring them a present.
That Ben and I didn't fight about the Christmas tree this year.
Christmas Pixies: surprising a family in our ward every couple of days with Christmas treats, messages dinner, etc. and the way my kids giggle when we knock on the door and bolt.
Having Jacob ask me a million questions about Christmas, baby Jesus, the origins of Santa, etc.
Ian and Ben singing in the Christmas Choir Festival.
The smell of gingerbread.
Cadbury's Christmas balls!

What I hate about Christmas this year:

Putting plastic ornaments on the top half of the Christmas tree because I have a one and a half year old.
Already gaining weight because I am craving treats and candy.
That my pumpkins are still out on the porch.
That Ben's work Christmas party is scheduled at the same time as our Relief Society Christmas dinner.
Having my advent wreath be used as a frisbee.
Sooooo many ads in my mailbox.
Having a kid at church tell Ian that Santa is fake.
Ian's teacher telling him that Santa is not Christian.
The post office.


Me & My BOYS said...

That's rude that some kid told Ian. He's too young to not believe in Santa. But I am jealous of the warm weather. It is so cold here we haven't even ventured to temple square to see the lights.

Shelby said...

Had to rub in the "no shoveling snow?" didn't you? :) (Although, Mike just thinks of it as his daily workout) I love that jacob asks a million questions. He really is one smart kid! So is Ian, though! Enjoy the season-good and bad!

LAHansen said...

I think you should give the teacher the book 'The Bearer of Gifts' by Kenneth Steven. It tells the story of how Santa became Santa (He meets Jesus). Santa's not Christian? Um...yes, He is!

Kirsten said...

Yeah, it's just so she can do Santa stuff in her classroom and not offend the kids who are not Christian. I need to read that book!

rubberbandgirl said...

They have Cadbury Christmas balls? YUM!
I love getting Christmas Cards and hate taking my kids out in the cold to run errands.
I thought your Christmas letter was totally clever and so fun to read. We're so happy to keep up contact with you!

naturegirl said...

I totally agree about the post office. Only two boxes to mail but, an hour later with a little girl who has JUST started potty training is not a fun experience!

Santa isn't Christian?! And Santa doesn't exist! Oh dear. But, I think the pumpkins are very funny :-)

naturegirl said...
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Amy said...

I love your posts, Kirst! You're so clever! Ugh, what a humbug of a teacher. I hope your Christmas was mostly full of the things you love!