Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Week of Quarantine

3 weeks earlier - Ben has a mysterious localized rash on his back and a recurring tingling pain in his shoulder and arm. We're not sure of the identity of this ailment.

Saturday 10:00am - Ian takes off his shirt so I can lather him up with sunscreen for the beach and I see what looks like a rash on his chest, stomach and back. We suspect the chicken pox. (Here's a picture of his back.)

Saturday 11:00am -After some research on the internet, we are pretty sure Ian has the chicken pox, realizing that he got it from Ben, who's recent malady was, in fact, Shingles, which is a manifestation of the dormant chicken pox virus.

Saturday 11:02am - The quarantine begins. We call everyone we have been in contact with in the last two days. Ian has been incubating the virus but was not contagious until Thursday, possibly Friday.

Monday 11:00am - After waiting outside the doctor's office in the van for someone to come and get us to go in to see the doctor, Ian is diagnosed with an "atypical" case of the chicken pox, common in children who have been vaccinated and exposed to the virus. The Doctor gives Jacob a surprise booster shot (now recommended for children ages 4-6), and checks Kate's chart to make sure she had been given the vaccine a few weeks earlier when she turned one.

The present moment - We are stuck at home, not able to be with friends or go to the store, the park, the pool or the beach. AND the boys are missing Hero Camp, a youth conference type of activity for kids in the Irvine Stake. Boo-hoo!


The Ryan and Jessica Romney family said...

That's a totaly bummer--made just a little more fun by the fact that you get to blog about it! =)

The Ryan and Jessica Romney family said...

a total(y) bummer? what in the heck does that mean?

LAHansen said...

Isn't it weird to think that when we were kids that everyone just got chicken pox? Sorry Ian's "atypical" I know the staying inside and away from people game gets old quick!

rubberbandgirl said...

Kir, I am so sorry! No fun. Well, at least they could tell you what it all was instead of "we'll watch it to see how it progresses." I love the in-the-box pictures!

Missletoe said...

We babysat some kids a couple of weeks ago while their parents were out of town. Turns out one of their daughters came down with the same diagnosis about 5 days after we left. We are clear so far. But the same family has also called to tell us they have strep throat and some of our other friends called to say that they have a stomach bug (both kids threw up right after we left their house on a play date). Either we are bad luck...or there are some wicked nasty things out there!

Congrats on the new house!!! With the pool and playground, I am eating my heart out!!!

Kirsten said...

You'd be proud, Missy...I've totally been swimming laps!

heymaughan said...

Holy cow I have been in a cave and not checking blogs for a while. I didn't even know your family had gone through this--that's how out of touch I am. I guess if I kept up on park day, etc I would know these things. Hope you are enjoying your trip now that the quarantine is behind you. I am recommitted to blog hopping as I get way too behind if I don't! Can't wait to pay you a visit at your new house, too. FUN!